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Ukraine expels Iranian ambassador

kyiv plans to reduce Tehran’s diplomatic presence, accusing Iran of selling attack drones to Russia

The Kyiv government said on Friday that it was revoking the accreditation of Iran’s ambassador to Ukraine and that it “considerably reduce” the number of Iranian diplomats in the embassy, ​​in response to Tehran’s request “unfriendly act” to sell combat drones to Russia.

Supply of arms to Moscow “directly contradicts the position of neutrality, respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, publicly declared by the senior leaders of Iran”, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said in a statement, further calling it “a hostile act that deals a serious blow to relations between Ukraine and Iran”.

The decision to revoke accreditation and expel an as yet undetermined number of diplomats was delivered to the Iranian charge d’affaires on Friday evening. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense claims having destroyed six “Russian suicide drones supplied by Iran.”

According to photos and videos circulating on social media, Russian forces operating in Ukraine used a kamikaze drone marked Geran-2 (Geranium), which resembles the Iranian-made Shahed-136. Unverified video from Odessa on Friday showed Ukrainian troops extracting another type of drone from Black Sea waters. The drone would look like the Mohajer-6 observation platform.

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US drones won’t survive long over Ukraine – Foreign Policy

The United States first accused Iran of selling attack drones to Russia in July, which Tehran has denied. In late August, the Kremlin called US media reports of drone transfers “information stuffing”, but said relations with Iran were “dynamically develop” and would continue to do so.

In addition to missiles and artillery, Washington supplied Ukraine with hundreds of Switchblade tactical kamikaze drones, as well as the model dubbed Phoenix Ghost, supposedly custom-developed to kyiv’s specifications on short notice.

kyiv has also purchased several strike drones from the Turkish company Baykar Makina. Ukraine is also looking to build its own factory to produce the Bayraktar and Akinci drones. Co-owned by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s son-in-law, Baykar reportedly swore “never” sell drones to Russia. This, however, did not prevent Moscow from maintaining diplomatic relations with Ankara.


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