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Ukraine restricts use of ‘Z’ and ‘V’ on license plates — RT Russia and the former Soviet Union



The symbols are usually associated with the ongoing Russian military operation in the country

Ukraine has restricted the use of “Z” and “V” symbols in personalized license plates, the country’s Interior Ministry announced on Friday.

The two letters are commonly associated with the “Russian Aggression” against Ukraine, the ministry said, explaining the measure. Although the letters have not been subject to a general ban, they can no longer be used as stand-alone symbols on a plate or as a substitute for similar-sounding Cyrillic letters in words.

The letters “Z” and “V” originally appeared as tactical markings used on equipment by various Russian troop groupings at the start of hostilities between Moscow and Kyiv in February 2022. Their use as symbols later went viral , appearing on an assortment of merchandise and memorabilia. related to the current military operation.

However, Ukraine refrained from targeting another hostilities-related symbol – the letter “O” – which was also commonly used as a tactical mark, easily becoming as common as the “Z” and the “V”.

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The inaction against the “O” presumably stems from the fact that it is effectively indistinguishable from a Cyrillic letter “O” to its Latin counterpart, which would further complicate the application of such a rule.

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