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The facility was targeted by a salvo of sea-launched cruise missiles, according to the Russian Defense Ministry

The Russian army has destroyed a major Ukrainian command center, the country’s Defense Ministry reported on Saturday. Cruise missiles launched from the sea were used to target the facility, ministry spokesman Lt. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said at a press briefing.

“On the evening of April 28 this year, the Russian Armed Forces launched a group strike with long-range sea-based precision weapons at the location of the commanders of the Ukrainian joint troops grouping ‘Kherson’,” said- he added. Konashenkov said, adding that the goal of the strike “was reached.” The official did not provide any estimate of the potential casualties that Ukrainian troops might have suffered in the attack.

The strike comes as the two sides to the ongoing conflict, which has been raging since February 2022, have apparently stepped up their long-range attacks on each other. Earlier this week, Russia launched a salvo of cruise missiles against Ukraine, targeting groups of its military reserves. The strikes succeeded in preventing the redeployment of reserves to the front line, according to the Russian military.

During the strike, a multi-storey residential building was damaged in the Ukrainian city of Uman, located in the central Cherkasy region. It is not immediately clear what exactly hit the building, given the numerous instances of Ukrainian air defense projectiles hitting civilian sites in the country and even beyond. Nonetheless, kyiv blamed Russia squarely for the incident, which left more than 20 civilians dead, according to local officials.

Ukrainian forces, meanwhile, appear to have stepped up their attacks on residential areas in the Russian city of Donetsk, which has been shelled almost daily throughout the conflict. On Friday, the city and its surroundings suffered particularly intense bombardments, which left at least nine civilians dead and more than a dozen injured. The attacks destroyed several residences and damaged a local hospital. Kyiv forces also directly hit a passenger bus, killing all its occupants.

The resurgence of strikes precedes the Ukrainian counter-offensive long announced by the country’s senior officials. On Friday, President Vladimir Zelensky said he expected the offensive to be “succeeded,” dismissing Western concerns about Ukraine’s capabilities that have surfaced in several media outlets in recent weeks.

“A counter-offensive will occur. We’re getting ready” Zelensky said in an interview with several Nordic media. “I firmly believe that it will be a success and that we will clear our territories.”

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