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Ukrainian mortar shells hit Russian region – governor – RT Russia and the former Soviet Union

The head of the Kursk region said the attack caused no casualties, but caused material damage.

Russian territory came under Ukrainian fire early on Saturday, according to Kursk region governor Roman Starovoyt. The official said the shelling caused no casualties, but damaged several buildings in the village of Tetkino. This is not the first time that the border area has been attacked by Ukraine.

Over 20 shells fell today in the morning mortar fire,“wrote the governor on Telegram.

Fortunately, there are no victims among the inhabitants,“but the attack resulted”minor“damage to several households, added the governor, while committing”all the help neededto the residents concerned.

Accompanying Starovoyt’s Telegram message were two photos presumably taken in the border town. One depicted a window pierced by shrapnel, the other featured what looked like a sheet metal fence with a single opening, apparently also left by shrapnel.

Tetkino has already been targeted by Ukraine.

Last May, a truck driver was killed in the village and several other civilians were injured as a result of shelling.

The conflict has also affected other Russian regions bordering Ukraine.

In early July, the Ukrainian army struck Belgorod with several ballistic missiles, killing a total of five civilians and injuring at least four.

The attack also caused extensive damage to apartment buildings and homes.

The Russian military claims to have intercepted the three incoming Tochka-U missiles, saying the damage was caused by falling debris.

The city of Belgorod is located about 40 kilometers from the Ukrainian border.

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