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UN Women Deputy Executive Director Åsa Regnér reiterates her commitment to advancing gender equality and long-term cooperation during her first official visit to Georgia and Albania

Ms. Regnér was accompanied during her visit to Georgia by UN Women Regional Director for Europe and Central Asia, Alia El-Yassir. Together, Ms. Regnér and Ms. El-Yassir met with the Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia, Shalva Papuashvili, and the Chairperson of the Parliament’s Council for Gender Equality, Nino Tsilosani, where the parties reaffirmed existing and future areas of cooperation .

The visit continued with a meeting between representatives of UN Women and the President of Georgia, Salome Zurabishvili. The objective of the meeting was to support UN Women in the implementation of policies on the principles of gender equality and women’s empowerment and to highlight the contribution of the President in this regard.

Together with local UN Women leaders, Ms. Regnér and Ms. El-Yassir also met with the Head of Administration of the Georgian Government, Revaz Javelidze. They were joined by Niko Tatulashvili, Adviser to the Georgian Prime Minister for Human Rights and Head of the Inter-Agency Commission on Gender Equality, Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence, and Maka Peradze, Head of the Human Rights Secretariat. The parties discussed areas of cooperation between UN Women and the Georgian government and the importance of supporting ongoing projects.

After concluding her visit to Georgia on 25 May 2022, Ms. Regnér traveled to Albania for her first official visit to the country. There, Regnér met with high-level government officials, civil society organizations and international partners. This is the first high-level visit by a UN Women representative to the country.

During her meeting with Prime Minister Edi Rama, Ms. Regnér praised Albania’s significant achievements in the area of ​​gender equality, particularly in terms of leadership and political participation, while noting the remaining challenges to accelerating and sustaining progress, particularly on women’s safety. and security, as well as their economic empowerment, especially in rural areas.

Ms. Regnér’s meeting with the Minister of Health and Social Protection, Ogerta Manastirliu, focused on the implementation of the new Albanian Strategy for Gender Equality 2022-2030 and securing adequate investments to achieve gender equality goals.

Among other high-level talks, Ms. Regnér met with the Minister of Finance and Economy, Delina Ibrahimaj, whom she commended for the significant progress made in the area of ​​Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB). Ms Regnér also met with the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Ermonela Felaj, to discuss Parliament’s role in supporting the implementation of gender equality commitments, and offered her support to continue aligning the framework Albanian legal system on international human rights standards.

During her high-level meetings, Ms. Regnér urged government officials to develop a second national action plan on women, peace and security that will further support the full participation of women in key sectors, while strengthening prevention and responses to gender-based violence.

Ms Regnér also met the Swedish Ambassador to Albania, Elsa Håstad, and the Director of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), Petra Burcher, thanking Sweden for its strong partnership and support for the work of UN Women in Albania. During a visit to the European Union Delegation, she also thanked the Head of Development Cooperation, Hubert Perr, for his continued financial support and strategic partnership in promoting women’s rights and equality. gender in Albania.

Ms. Regnér had the opportunity to meet several civil society organizations, acknowledging their valuable contribution to the further protection and promotion of the rights of Albanian women. She also visited several projects supported by UN Women, including a reintegration center for female survivors of violence and an economic empowerment project supporting women affected by the 2019 earthquake.


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