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UN Women Statement for International Widows Day

Around the world, cultural practices and legal barriers can mean that widows are cut off from pensions and unable to inherit money or property. We know that single parent families and single elderly women are particularly at risk of poverty, with many widows also facing stigma and gender-based violence. If we are to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, we cannot afford to leave these women behind.

It is essential to invest in expanded gender-sensitive public services and universal social protection, such as cash transfers and social pensions, so that widows are not left destitute, and to roll back laws and policies discrimination that deprives widows of equality in matters of inheritance, pensions and property. rights. We must also work to collect quality data on the lives of widows, to track progress and create accountability, and to ensure that women have access to full and meaningful participation and leadership roles, so that widows’ rights can be integrated into decision-making spaces. . Such actions are essential to the feminist recovery we need to break down the structural barriers that block progress towards a more equal and sustainable future.

Today, let us commit to working for and with widows on actions that uphold their rights and amplify their voices.

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