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UN Women’s engagement in help of counter terrorism and prevention of violent extremism | Publications

This publication addresses the importance of obtaining a proactive gender-responsive framework for countering terrorism (CT) and avoiding violent extremism (PVE). UN Women’s gender-responsive framework is grounded in human rights frameworks and applies the rules of conflict sensitivity. UN Women’s assist focuses on ability making, inclusive processes, and people today-centric methods to CT and PVE, and it seeks a whole-of-governing administration and complete-of-modern society engagement.

Nonetheless, there are normative, coverage-associated, programmatic issues and dangers attached to counter-terrorism and PVE engagement. UN Women’s agenda in upholding and promoting women’s legal rights in this sophisticated and dynamic thematic area can only be state-of-the-art by responding to these issues and dangers.

This publication delivers assistance to UN Women’s local community of exercise to carry out thanks diligence, actions that reply to challenges identified, and most importantly, to support threat-knowledgeable choice-building at all amounts. 

As these, and drawing on the discussions from the neighborhood of exercise virtual workshop and assessment undertaken of UN Women’s engagement in counter-terrorism and avoidance of violent extremism at all amounts, the coverage short overview helps make suggestions for UN Women’s local community of observe to take into consideration in future appropriate programming and coverage support.

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