Unusual call option trade in Accuray (ARAY) worth $15,000



On April 28, 2023 at 10:10:59 a.m. ET, an unusually large block of $15,000 call contracts in Accuray (ARAY) was purchased, with a strike price of $4.00/share, expiring in 140 day(s) (September 15, 2023).

This trade was first detected on Fintel’s real-time options feed tool, where unusual options trades are highlighted.

What is fund sentiment?

There are 185 funds or institutions reporting positions in Accuray. This is a decrease of 18 owners or 8.87% in the last quarter. Average portfolio weight of all funds dedicated to ARAY is 0.11%, an increase of 10.05%. The total number of shares held by institutions has decreased over the past three months by 2.38% to 65,834,000 shares. ARAY’s put/call ratio is 0.12, indicating a bullish outlook.

Analyst price forecast suggests 162.78% upside

As of April 24, 2023, Accuray’s one-year average price target was $8.33. The forecast ranges from a low of $6.06 to a high of $13.65. The average price target represents a 162.78% increase from its last reported closing price of $3.17.

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Expected annual revenue for Accuray is $456 million, an increase of 3.82%. Projected annual non-GAAP EPS is -$0.03.

What are the other shareholders doing?

ARAY / Accuray Inc shares held by institutions

BlackRock owns 3,353,000 shares representing 3.51% ownership of the company. In its previous filing, the company said it held 3,367,000 shares, representing a decrease by 0.43%. The company decreases its portfolio allocation to ARAY of 99.91% over the last quarter.

SWSCX – Schwab Small-Cap Equity Fund holds 284,000 shares representing 0.30% ownership of the company. No change in the last quarter.

Park Place Capital holds 3,000 shares representing 0.00% ownership of the company.

Teton Advisors owns 65,000 shares representing 0.07% ownership of the company. No change in the last quarter.

Sei Investments holds 33,000 shares representing 0.03% ownership of the company. In its previous filing, the company said it held 37,000 shares, representing a decrease of 11.74%. The company decreases its portfolio allocation to ARAY by 10.34% over the last quarter.

Accurate basic information
(This description is provided by the company.)

Accuray is committed to unlocking the powerful potential of radiation therapy to improve as many lives as possible. The company invents unique and revolutionary solutions designed to provide radiation treatment for even the most complex cases, while making commonly treatable cases even easier, to meet all patient needs. Accuray is dedicated to continuous innovation in radiation therapy for oncology, neuro-radiosurgery and beyond, partnering with clinicians and administrators, enabling them to help patients get back to life faster. Accuray is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, and has facilities around the world.

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