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Some members of Congress demand transparency from the White House and the Pentagon

A resolution calling on President Joe Biden and the Department of Defense to brief Congress on troop deployments to Ukraine and plans for future military assistance was approved by the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee on Friday. United.

The committee voted along party lines, 22 to 20, in favor of Congressman Matt Gaetz’s proposal, a Republican from Florida. Gaetz called vote one “great victory for responsibility” and accused Democrats of being afraid of “truth and transparency on aid to Ukraine”.

Under its preferred resolution, the White House and Pentagon would have 14 days to send the House “copies of all documents indicating any plans for current or future military assistance to Ukraine and documents indicating whether any US armed forces, including special operations forces, are currently deployed in Ukraine.”

During the debate on the resolution earlier this week, members of Biden’s party accused Gaetz of serving the interests of Russian President Vladimir Putin, “amplify Russian propaganda” and threatening the bipartisan consensus in Congress that support for Ukraine must be “Unwavering and indefinite.”

Congresswoman Kathy Manning, a Democrat from North Carolina, called the resolution “Dividing and misguided” as well as “a partisan political ploy” that endangers the national security of the United States, its allies in Europe and “the brave Ukrainian people.” His colleague Gerry Connolly of Virginia accused Gaetz of wanting to impose peace on kyiv and argued that there might be a moment of surveillance, “but now is not the time.”

Florida Republican Cory Mills, an army veteran, countered that the resolution was not against support for Ukraine, but made sure there was no mission creep as with Afghanistan or Iraq, where he spent ten years in total and “exploded twice”.

The Pentagon well aware of the problem of corruption in Ukraine

Offering the resolution earlier this month, Gaetz pointed to leaked Pentagon documents to accuse Biden of “mislead the world about the state of the war in Ukraine” and demanding “total transparency” when it came to risk “war with a nuclear adversary.”

The resolution now goes to the House floor, where Republicans have a narrow majority. However, a major faction within the party agrees with Democrats and the White House on unconditional support for Kyiv.

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