Useful tools for university graduates

Jhere are tons of tools that can help you with most of your personal financial needs; you can find useful free apps and software for budgeting, e-transfers, and even information on how you can invest your money. These tools are a great way to help you track your finances and spend your money appropriately.

money management apps

There are countless apps designed to organize your funds. Here are some sample apps that you can download and use as needed.

1.Venmo is a free application that facilitates electronically to transfer money to other Venmo users. Whether you’re splitting the bill for dinner with friends, transferring a rent payment to your landlord, or making a purchase from participating businesses, this app is a convenient way to make payments.

2. Mint is free budgeting app that helps you track all your financial accounts including checks, savings, credit cards, etc., while measuring your spending and savings. This app is designed to help you track your budget goals.

3. Tassels is an entry level invest app for those looking to start investing in the stock market. Its main feature is that it takes your small change from your purchases and invests this small amount in the market.

Deciding which companies to invest in when you’re just starting out can be difficult. By following the news, you can begin to understand a company’s performance. Websites like and CNBC provide newsworthy updates and earnings. Many credible newspapers, such as the wall street journal, also keep their readers informed of this information. You can download apps from news sites and even sign up to be notified of important updates.

4. Prism is free Payment of bills app that sends you reminders accordingly to track and pay your bills.

5. SoFi combines many different funding features in one place. This application is designed for saving, spending, borrowing and investing.

Many banks these days also offer common apps that you can download and instantly connect to your accounts. These can make it easier to track your finances from the source where all your funds are held.

There are countless apps that can help you manage your money in different ways. Always make sure that you are using reliable apps, especially when transferring money. Some e-transfer apps have unfortunately been scammed.

But a good app can help you take better control of your financial life and save, spend, and invest more wisely.

This is part of a larger series designed to guide recent college graduates towards achieving their career goals and academic success. Check out our guide to postgraduate life to find out how to leverage your degree financially.

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