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Vin Scully was the voice of baseball – and an inspiration

The voice echoing from the next cabin was unmistakable. It was noisy, and at the moment, hectic.

It was over ten years ago, in one of my first seasons covering the Mets for The Post, and the voice belonged to Vin Scully, my childhood hero. It was obvious that day at Dodger Stadium that Scully’s irritation stemmed from being pressured to attend a sponsor meeting (or similar event) that didn’t fit into his schedule.

“I’m like a ride in an amusement park,” Scully said, his voice rising and falling as if describing a ball deep into right field.

Scully, then in his 80s, was still a rock star, especially in Los Angeles. I found it incredible that he was so approachable and approachable, even as a sign in the press box – probably instituted by the Dodgers in Scully’s name in the hallway leading to the TV and radio booths – read “Broadcasters and Engineers only beyond that point.”

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