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Violet Moon Howey Is Sarah Shahi’s Daughter With Steve Howey – Facts About Their Child

Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi’s daughter, Violet Moon Howey, was born at the couple’s home in California. After that, the former couple realized that home births weren’t for everyone.

“Shameless” actor Steve Howey and “Sex/Life” star Sarah Shahi had one of Hollywood’s loveliest relationships. They tied the knot in Las Vegas in February 2009 but couldn’t make it last forever.

In May 2020, Howey filed for divorce and they officially separated in 2021. They welcomed three children during their time together, including their only daughter Violet Moon Howey. Read on to learn everything you need to know about her.

Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi with their daughter Violet Moon Howey and their sons William Wolf Howey and Knox Blue Howey on June 30, 2018 in Westwood, California | Source: Getty Images


Violet was born in March 2015, two hours earlier than her twin brother, Knox. Shahi and Howey opted for a home birth because they didn’t like the system you have to follow for hospital births.

Shahi also wanted to avoid taking medication or having a C-section, but her home birth almost took a tragic turn. When Violet was born, she was blue, not breathing, and had the actress’ umbilical cord wrapped twice around her neck.

Sarah Shahi on October 25, 2019 in Santa Monica, California | Source: Getty Images

Howey helped deliver the twins, and when he saw the umbilical cord on Violet’s neck, his life began to flash before his eyes. He kept pulling the cord back, but it was too tight.

The ‘Reba’ actor started to panic, but the midwife took care of the situation, wiped the baby’s face and placed it on Shahi’s chest. However, she was still blue.

Shahi’s OBGYN, Dr. Stuart Fischbein, started brushing the bottom of Violet’s foot, making her cry. As soon as she did, the color returned to her body and Howey calmed down.

Howey and Shahi’s terrible experience with Violet and Knox births taught them that home births weren’t for everyone.

Shahi and Howey are no longer together but maintain a friendly relationship.


The former couple’s three children have unusual names: Wolf, Violet and Knox. Howey revealed that some people loved their nicknames and others hated them, but he and Shahi didn’t want them to have common names.

Howey said they chose Wolf for their eldest son because he wanted a pet name. In Knox’s case, the former couple considered it “ancient.”

Violet’s two names are special. Howey and Shahi first liked Ruby and Olive because they liked naming their daughter after a color, but Howey eventually found Violet.

The girl’s middle name, Moon, is the English translation of Shahi’s mother’s name. Moon was supposed to be Violet’s first name, but Howey and Shahi considered it better as a middle name.


Shahi and Howey are no longer together but maintain a friendly relationship. The actress has already moved on and is in a relationship with her “Sex/Life” co-star Adam Demos.

The first time they appeared on social media together was in September 2020. They made their relationship official on Instagram on New Year’s Eve 2020, and she described him as one of the best people she’s ever had. she met six months later. Path to follow!


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