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Water Signs, Explained: Here’s What It Means To Be A Cancer, A Scorpio Or A Pisces


Ruled by the moon – our guide to emotion, cycles and the subconscious – they are homebodies who love to keep an environment and community around them that feels safe. Other hallmarks of Cancer include being highly intuitive and cautious, only allowing those who prove they are trustworthy and plan to stay.

They are represented by the crab, and their outer shell is in stark contrast to their soft, gooey inner selves. They nurture and enjoy digging deeper and deeper into the thoughts, interests, and qualities of the people they love.

Cancer is the natural ruler of the fourth house of family, home, emotions, maternal instincts and children. They are dedicated to healing and helping those around them, but do their best when they can prioritize self-care as a non-negotiable item in their daily lives.


Fixed Water energy makes these people, born October 23 – November 21, stubborn in their feelings and emotions. They’re hard to influence once they feel looked down upon or looked down upon in the same way, and it’s hard to separate them from something (or someone) they’re passionate about. They are less flexible than other water signs, which makes them the hardest to pin down, and they can seem quite secretive and mysterious to outsiders.

Ruled by Pluto in modern astrology (the planet of taboo, destruction and renewal) and Mars in traditional astrology (the planet of aggression, action, sex and strength), these people are a force to be reckoned with and will stop at nothing to put themselves in positions of power.

Represented by the scorpion, Scorpios have no problem cutting people who they believe have wronged them, and they will go to the ends of the earth to inflict inner turmoil on people who cross their borders or cross their borders. disrespect. They are, however, dedicated and fight for the people they care about, so watch how you walk around a Scorpio!

Scorpio is the natural ruler of the eighth house of merger, sex, intimacy, other people’s money, inheritance, taxes, and joint ventures. Some Scorpio traits include being ready and willing to be one with the right partners, both romantic and professional. Some may even do their best by mixing love and work with the chosen partner(s). They aren’t afraid to dive into sensitive topics, as mentioned above, like sex; in traditional astrology, Scorpio also rules the genitals. That’s why these people are usually crowned with the sexiest sign!


Mutable water energy makes Pisces, born February 19 to March 20, as fluid as possible. Pisces traits include being wise, emotional, and deeply sensitive to the edge of the psychic in their approach to life and love. They will do whatever it takes to live a fully expressed life.

Ruled by Neptune, the planet that rules creativity and dreams, these Pisces have endless imaginations and can literally create their own reality. They don’t like to follow rules and tend to fall into escapism and live in a disillusioned state. They do best when they are able to find stability and routine in their relationships, careers, and home environments that make them feel liberated and not locked in.

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