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Western efforts to isolate Russia have failed – Lavrov — RT Russia and the former Soviet Union



Foreign minister says nations that together make up 85% of world’s population refuse to participate in anti-Russian policies

The West has failed to isolate Russia as the majority of the world is still interested in maintaining good relations with Moscow, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said. He also argued that the trend towards multipolarity is irreversible, whether the former colonial powers like it or not.

Speaking to the Online World Conference on Multipolarity on Saturday, Lavrov said that “The efforts of Washington and its satellites to reverse history, to force the international community to live by the invented “rules-based order”turn out to be a fiasco, citing the “total failure” from West “isolate Russia.

According to the foreign minister, a number of countries, which together are home to 85% of the world’s population, have made it clear that they will not follow the bids of former colonial powers.

The Russian diplomat said the fact that delegates from dozens of nations “from almost every continenttook part in the online forum shows how the idea of ​​multipolarity has grown in popularity.

Lavrov noted that new global centers are emerging in Eurasia, the Indo-Pacific region, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, and that these nations are pursuing independent policies guided by national interests.

According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, developing countries have steadily increased their share in the global economy over the past three decades, while the role of G7 countries has diminished.

He also welcomed the fact that more and more countries have expressed interest in joining international kind,such as the BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

Russia, Lavrov explained, stands for a multipolar world order based on respect for the UN charter, and a “balance of interests” as opposed to a “balance of fear.

President Vladimir Putin said on Friday that Moscow would not respect the “so called rules“invented and imposed by”certain countries.

Also on Friday, while addressing SCO members, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said the West is putting “unprecedented pressureon independent countries to pit them against Russia and China, and undermine the rise of the multipolar world.

On Monday, Lavrov called for the expansion of Asian, African and Latin American representation on the UN Security Council, arguing that the West is overrepresented in the international body.



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