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What has Emilia Clarke been up to since ‘Game of Thrones’ ended?

Emilia Clarke made a name for herself on television for her role in “Game of Thrones”. She starred in several other films and shows afterward and battled a life-threatening illness.

Emilia Clarke may be returning to the “Star Wars” universe after “Solo: A Star Wars Story” writer Jonathan Kasdan teased the story’s potential sequel, including her character, Qi’ra.

Fans wanted the writers to expand on Qi’ra’s story after she killed Paul Bettany’s Vos to control the criminal empire, Crimson Dawn.

Lori Harvey at the 2019 Beautycon Festival Los Angeles at the Los Angeles Convention Center on August 11, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. | Source: Getty Images

“I think one day we will see what happened and how Qi’ra progressed through the world and through crime syndicates,” Kasdan said.


Clarke became a familiar face on TV after starring in the hit TV series ‘Game of Thrones’, bringing Daenerys Targaryen to life. During training for her role, Clarke felt a pain in her brain, which she initially tried to ignore.

However, as the pain worsened, the actress sought professional help. After undergoing an MRI, doctors discovered that she had a brain aneurysm. She was then only 24 years old.

While getting treatment, Clarke pursued her acting career, a path she had wanted to follow since she was three or four years old. Clarke said:

“When I went with my father to the theater, I was fascinated by life behind the scenes […] When I was three, my dad took me to see a production of “Show Boat.” […] When the curtain fell, I stood in my seat and clapped wildly over my head.”

Her dream has come true over the years. After appearing in “Game of Thrones”, she played the role of Sarah Connor in “Terminator Genisys”, Louisa Clark in “Before You” and Qi’ra in “Solo: A Star Wars Story”.

She also had a role in the Disney+ series “Secret Invasion,” making Clarke the fourth “Game of Thrones” actor to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe following appearances by Kit Harington, Peter Dinklage and Richard Madden.

She also starred in the comedy series “MOM: Mother of Madness,” which paid homage to her role as Daenerys Targaryen, the mother of dragons.

Aside from his career, Clarke founded a charity, SameYou, for people with strokes and brain injuries. “The scale of the problem is huge,” she said. “And because the affectation of having a brain injury is an invisible disease.”


Emilia Clarke visits SiriusXM Town Hall on May 21, 2018 in New York City. | Source: Getty Images

Just as fans are interested in Clarke’s career, they also want to know if the actress is single. After starring in “GOT,” viewers hoped the actress and co-star Jason Momoa would become a real couple.

However, they did not. Momoa was then happily in a relationship with Lisa Bonet, with whom he shared two children.

On the other hand, Clarke has never been open about her relationship, but reportedly dated Seth MacFarlane in 2012. She was spotted holding hands with Cory Michael Smith two years later, sparking dating rumors. She also went on a date with Matt Smith.

In 2021, Clarke signed up for an application exclusive to elites. According to an insider, dating has been difficult for the star amid the lockdown, but she tried to give him a chance using the app. However, Clarke ended up deleting her profile.


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