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What Took place to Richard Engel’s Son? The Younger Boy’s Medical Situation Has ‘Taken a Transform for the Worst’

NBC News journalist Richard Engel and his wife, Mary Forrest, have skilled pleasure and discomfort just after the delivery of their second son in 2015. Engel not long ago shared awful news about his son’s well being.

Richard Engel married Mary Forrest in 2015, and they welcomed their eldest son, Henry, that September. Regretably, the NBC Information journalist shared that his son’s professional medical situation experienced worsened.

Henry produced dystonia, which signifies he has uncontrolled shaking and stiffness. The boy spent 6 weeks in the clinic before heading dwelling with his mother and father and young brother, Theo.

Richard Engel on July 12, 2019 in “Right now” | Supply: Getty Visuals


Engel and Forrest noticed that Henry was not an completely healthy boy in advance of he turned two. He could not speak, wander, clap his palms, or sit straight. 

They took him to a number of medical doctors, but no person discovered the difficulty. The pair even considered Henry was a late bloomer, but he was not.

Richard, Mary, and Henry Engel on Oct 3, 2018 in “These days” | Resource: Getty Visuals

Engel and Forrest purchased a established of genetic tests and received the results in September 2017, when Engel was in South Korea with US troops. The doctor explained to him they learned Henry experienced a “pretty, really critical” ailment: a variation of Rett syndrome.

When the journalist listened to the doctor stating Henry’s condition was lifelong and not treatable, he was stunned. Engel pointed out that it was the “worst working day” of his daily life.


Rett syndrome is a neurodevelopmental ailment that practically solely influences women. Australian medical doctor Dr. Andreas Rett found out, named, and described the situation in a 1966 journal post. 

Clients with Rett syndrome have common development and progress. Immediately after a particular issue (which may differ from baby to youngster), they can no lengthier use their arms appropriately. They also present problems with crawling, going for walks, and making eye get hold of.  

Their mind and head improve at a slowed rate, and they can current seizures and physical and mental disabilities. Regrettably, doctors have found no treatment for the syndrome, and its treatment method focuses on taking care of the signs or symptoms.

[Theo] is not shy when it will come to showing adore to his large brother.

It is important to remark that Rett syndrome is 1 of the number of genetic diseases in which less than one per cent of the recorded situations are inherited. Henry’s situation is exceptional, and health professionals are learning it with hopes of acquiring treatment for others.


Engel and Forrest always understood that Henry was distinctive, but the start of their second son, Theo, in August 2019, gave the pair significantly a lot more viewpoint.

They confessed that possessing a next child came with bittersweet times as it was tough to see Theo passing Henry with some developmental milestones. Engel mentioned: 

“I would imagine there are selected points he is previously executing that Henry won’t do — the quantity of electricity in his limbs and the regulate he has with his muscular tissues, even at this tiny age.”

Even Theo’s cry was different. He did it with so a lot electrical power and toughness, a little something Henry unfortunately by no means showed. Theo is two decades previous, and he is not shy about exhibiting really like to his major brother. Remain robust.

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