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While Akon’s total number of wives is unclear, the “Smack That” rapper revealed that he wasn’t the only member of his family who practiced polygamy, as his father had four wives.

In the 2000s, Akon was among the most famous artists for his singles like “Lonely” and “Don’t Matter”. However, it’s not just his music that has grabbed the headlines, as the Senegalese-American musician has admitted his record label told him not to promote his polygamous lifestyle anymore.

As a singer with African roots, Akon said most Africans believe they have more than one partner. And with the success of his music career, the rapper planned to have as many women as he could afford.

Akon poses at the 2022 MOBO Awards on November 30, 2022 in England. | Source: Getty Images

Akon explains his opinion on having multiple wives

While Akon’s polygamous lifestyle has been a topic of discussion since the 2000s, he revealed he’s “definitely” had more than one wife during a maintenance in October.

The rapper shared that he’s always kept his answers vague over the years because a specific answer would lead to speculation — but he also didn’t mind letting people guess how many wives he had.

Akon further explained that he found it easier to have multiple wives than having one. He used the analogy of having more than one Ferrari and being able to color-coordinate his outfit with each car every day without thinking too much.

Akon at a Halloween Influencer Bash on October 14, 2022 in California.  |  Source: Getty Images

Akon at a Halloween Influencer Bash on October 14, 2022 in California. | Source: Getty Images

But if he had a red Ferrari, it would be harder to match the car to everyday attire. Her belief in having more than one mate stems from her view that men are “natural breeders”. Akon said:

“As humans, we are natural breeders by nature…we can’t even escape it if we wanted to…Men are put on this earth to reproduce, and the reason why God put many women on this earth is for that.”

In 2007, Akon’s former fiancée and model Rachel Ritfeld said she broke off her engagement to the rapper when she was supposed to be his fourth wife. She revealed to a media outlet that panic started to sink under her skin when the rapper allegedly told her he had had his fifth child with one of his wives.

The model admitted that she knew his many wives during their relationship, but felt like she would be his main focus. She claimed that Akon did not live with his wives and that they were scattered all over the world.

Akon at SiriusXM Studios on September 22, 2022 in New York City.  |  Source: Getty Images

Akon at SiriusXM Studios on September 22, 2022 in New York City. | Source: Getty Images

Ritfeld realized she couldn’t share the man she loved and chose to leave the relationship, unable to come to terms with his relationship with other women.

Akon is linked to Tomeka Thiam

While Ritfeld decided to jump ship before saying “yes,” Tomeka Thiam confirmed her relationship with Akon when she took to Instagram in 2021 to share a rare photo of the rapper and their three sons. She captioned the post “My boys” as the rapper stood behind his sons in matching black outfits.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, Thiam called Akon her husband and set the record straight for 2021 when she would have joined the cast of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” alongside Nene Leaks. Thiam said:

“I promise I’m legally married to Kon. I’m a very private person, and if there’s a fake woman joining the show, it’s definitely not his real wife.”

While sharing his thoughts on polygamy with TMZ in 2013, Akon said he thought domestic conflict would decrease in America if the country warmed to the idea of ​​men having more than one wife.

He urged women to understand how men worked and that he had not met a woman who could meet all of a man’s needs. Regarding his marriages, Akon said he was able to be spiritually connected to all of his wives.

The rapper revealed that honesty is his main approach to maintaining a polygamous relationship. This earned him the respect of his wives and helped them understand what they were getting into.


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