What’s wrong with silicone makeup sponges? We tried them

Now was the moment of truth, it was time to apply. A lot of people have recommended putting a small amount of foundation on the sponge and then applying it in circular motions, so that’s exactly what I did. It was weird at first, and I think the silicone texture really threw me for a curl since, of course, I’m used to regular bristles and sponges.

As Bynum mentioned, I found it really hard to blend because it was slippery, and my foundation felt like it was moving across my face rather than sinking and to stay in place. It was also difficult to spread it evenly over my face, but as I got better at doing circular motions, I started to understand. Circular movements are the key! After many rounds of circular motions, I realized it was going to be as good as it gets, so I used my hands to pat out any excess. Plus, the double-sided features of Elf’s sponge made things easier. to mix everything evenly.

While the silicone sponge was a bit difficult for me to use (especially since it was my first time!), I found that I used less product than if I used a regular sponge or brush. A little is enough, especially since it helps the product glide on the skin. And I love that it’s so easy to clean.


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