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Who are Lori Lightfoot’s daughter and wife? All about Vivian Lightfoot and Amy Eshleman

Lori Lightfoot is elected Chicago’s first openly lesbian black female mayor. Fans have been intrigued by the politician’s family since she became mayor. Learn more about Lightfoot’s beautiful and diverse family.

Lori Lightfoot is one of the few people to have transformed the enormous landscape of mainstream politics. The 59-year-old lawyer is now Chicago’s 56th mayor after winning the 2019 election.

Since assuming the city’s highest office, Lightfoot, a proud lesbian mayor, has left many supporters curious about her family. Who is his wife, Amy Eshleman, and daughter Vivian Lightfoot?


Eshleman is from Sterling, a small town in Illinois. She moved from Sterling to Chicago in the early 1990s and spent more than two decades working at the Chicago Public Library.

The six-foot-tall first lady of Chicago earned a bachelor’s degree in history from Miami University in Ohio. Eshleman enjoys a long and happy relationship with Lightfoot, a former assistant U.S. attorney from the Northern District of Illinois.

Eshleman hasn’t stopped swooning over Lightfoot since he got married. In honor of Pride Month, Chicago’s first lady paid tribute to her wife on Instagram. Eshleman wrote of his wife:

“Happy to be proud out loud with my wife.”

Even before Lightfoot became mayor, Eshleman still attended the annual Chicago Pride Parade. In 2018, the lovely pair walked hand-in-hand at the special event.

Lightfoot and Eshleman are the proud parents of Vivian, their adopted daughter.

As she celebrates more years of love and happiness with her wife, Lightfoot reflects on how lucky she and Eshleman are to be able to freely express their love, a freedom that was once considered illegal.

Lightfoot, who was born in Massillon, Ohio, penned an inspirational message on Instagram, writing that there is still a lot of work to be done to address hate. She added, “Today I am raising an amazing child freely and openly with the love of my life.”


Lightfoot and Eshleman are the proud parents of Vivian, their adopted daughter. It’s unclear when the power couple welcomed their 13-year-old daughter into their family; however, they were believed to have adopted the teenager as a child.

Eshleman and his wife consider Vivian a blessing in their lives. The proud mother boldly displays her affection for her child on Instagram on occasions such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Like any teenager, Vivian has discovered the pleasures of using social media. Lightfoot revealed in “The Ax Files” interview that his daughter is “obsessed” with TikTok and would encourage her and Eshleman to join the party.

Since her parents are now public figures, Vivian has shown herself to be willing to help them achieve their goals for Chicago. She previously helped with the mayoral campaign for Lightfoot in 2019.

Eshleman and Lightfoot join the ranks of public figures advocating for LGBTQIA+ rights. Like the pair, actors Ian McKellen, Jim Parsons and Elliot Page are well known for supporting said community.


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