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Who are Paige Hurd’s parents? Rapper DMX was not his father but his godfather



Fans were once curious about Paige Hurd’s parents. They wanted to know if DMX was her father, but she has since set the record straight.

Hurd is an actress known for her role as Tasha Clarkson in the beloved comedy “Everybody Hates Chris” (2005).

Besides her time in the series, she appeared in many films such as “The Cat in the Hat” (2003) and “Cradle 2 the Grave” (2003), among others.

Hurd attended the Dallas Young Actors Studio acting school, where she began her acting career and appeared in several music videos for well-known musicians.

She appeared in the “Mistletoe” music video for rapper Romeo Miller, who is currently dating Drew Sangster, with whom he has one child. Hurd was also the love interest of Justin Bieber (who returned to MTV’s Video Music Awards in 2021) in his music video “Never Let You Go” (2010).

What we know about Paige Hurd’s parents

Born in Dallas, Texas on July 20, 1992, Paige Hurd is of mixed race and has an African-American, Puerto Rican mother and an African-American father.

According to his Instagram page, the “Hawaii Five-O” alum’s mother is Cheryl Martin, talent manager and CEO of CMA Entertainment.

Hurd paid tribute to her beloved mother on Instagram in February 2020, alongside a photo of her and a snapshot of them together.

The TV star also wished her beloved relative a happy birthday in February 2022 alongside a snap of the mother-daughter duo in an embrace.

Paige Hurd’s godparents adopted her into their family

Paige Hurd often shares photos of her loved ones online, including the late rapper DMX, born Earl Simmons, who she starred as her daughter on ‘Cradle 2 the Grave’.

In a December 2019 Instagram post, Hurd posted a photo of her and the actor showing off their matching tattoos and revealed that he and his wife, Tashera Simmons, “adopted” her as their goddaughter. -loved. However, she made sure to clarify that they were not her biological parents.

Sadly, DMX passed away on April 9, 2021 from an overdose. He was 50 years old. A month later, his goddaughter paid him a vibrant tribute online.

The ‘Grandma’s House’ star posted a photo of her and the New York native dancing as she smiled broadly as she watched him. She wrote that “it was the last time” they were together and the very last time they expressed how much they loved each other.

DMX’s fiancee Desiree Lindstrom also took to social media to reveal that the music superstar’s then five-year-old son Exodus was still mourning him.

Paige Hurd loves her job and once reacted to a fan theory about ‘Power Book II: Ghost’

Decades after making her film debut alongside DMX, Hurd now stars in the crime drama series “Power Book II: Ghost” as Lauren Baldwin.

During Season 2 of the show, a hit was commissioned from Lauren, but someone couldn’t get it right. That’s when Effie (Alix Capri) stepped in to finish the job.

Lauren would have died as a result. This was after Cane (Woody McClain) learned that she had recorded him without his knowledge for a drug-related case.

Friends and family mourned Lauren in the Season 3 premiere, but she suddenly appeared on screen at the end of the episode.

It appears Lauren is still alive and has been placed in a safe house by District Attorney Jenny Sullivan (Paton Ashbrook). In one scene, she asks Jenny how long she had to pretend to be dead.

Meanwhile, off-script, Hurd had always known her Lauren character would survive the hit. Although the actress bid farewell to her role on social media, fans could tell something was wrong with her supposed exit.

During a March 2023 interview, Hurd said devoted fans would know that there had never been an incident where one died off-camera on the show. That said, she tried to mislead them when approached on the street about her character’s death, claiming to confirm Lauren’s death.



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