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Who is Arne Decock before his death? Find out what happened


Who is Arne Decock before his death? People want to know more about Arne Decock Begrafenis (Funeral), a talented young musician from Aartselaar.

He also played the main character in “Kadanza” in 2016. He also appeared in the films De Club van Sinterklaas en het Talkende Paard, in which he played Sin, and Sinterklaas en het Golden Horseshoe, in which he played Finn .

Arne was extremely popular among Ketnetkijkers. He has about 13,000 Instagram followers. His friends and supporters were surprised by the news of his death.

Arne Decock Begrafenis (Funeral)

The funeral of Arne Decock, a young musician from Aartselaar who died after being electrocuted on a train near Boom, took place on March 2.

Arne Decock Begrafenis (Funeral) took place at the Elckerlyc Theater in Antwerp rather than in a church or funeral home. A unique place for the artist, whose existence revolved around the stage.

Arne Decock Begrafenis. (Source: VTR NWS)

The exact design of Arne Decock Begrafenis (Funeral) is under consideration. Perhaps many of Arne’s colleagues will be there, and they, along with the late teenager’s friends and relatives, will pay their respects.

Instead of receiving flowers or wreaths, the family requested that a tree be planted in Arne’s honor through Entrepreneurs Without Borders.

How did Arne Decock die?

No one knows for sure what made teenage musical talent Arne Decock suddenly crawl into a utility pole adjacent to a train on Saturday night.

He had left a friend’s birthday party around three in the morning with a girlfriend. On the cycle path next to the Puurs-Boom-Antwerp railway line, the two cyclists returned home to Aartselaar.

Before, Arne had suddenly jumped off his bike and rushed to the side of the road. Through the grass for five meters, then to the spore bundle.

Arne Decock Begrafenis
Arne Decock fans comment on his latest post. (Source: Instagram)

On the bike path, his girlfriend stopped and saw Arne climbing a power pole. Completely upright. He used a stick or other device to connect to the overhead wires.

He hit a pipe with 3,000 volts inside. The teenager collapses after being shocked. His girlfriend witnessed the whole incident.

What possessed Arne on Saturday night is unknown. No signs of suicide or bad intentions, according to the prosecution.

The teenager may have acquired a certain tenacity by paying with his life.

Who is Arne Decock before his death? Wikipedia and age

Arne Decock doesn’t have a Wikipedia, as he was an aspiring musician and actor. However, he could not show the world his talents.

Nonetheless, Arne would have his own Wikipedia page if he was alive, as he was very talented and pursued music.

Sadly, few details about him have been found as his family has not released much information about him since his passing.

However, we know he was 18 when he died. He sadly passed away in 2018 and would be 23 in 2022.

Unfortunately, no other valid information about him was available at the time of writing this article.


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