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Who is Julia Garner married to?

Julia Garner has become a household name in Hollywood, winning award after award. Despite her busy schedule, fans have wondered about her love life. Find out who the actress’ lucky man is.

Julia Garner’s incredible acting skills and ability to change her accent have captivated millions of fans worldwide. She rose to prominence for her incredible role in Netflix’s ‘Inventing Anna’ series.

Recently, Garner was offered to play Madonna in the pop icon’s upcoming biopic, beating out actresses Florence Pugh, Odessa Young and “Euphoria” star Alexa Demie.

Julia Garner attends Netflix’s FYSEE “Ozark: The Final Episodes” Los Angeles Special Event FYSEE at Raleigh Studios on June 5, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. | Source: Getty Images


The Madonna biopic marks Garner’s latest film project. Madonna herself will direct the upcoming film, hoping she can inspire many with her incredible journey as a musician, artist, and dancer.

Prior to participating in the biopic, Garner garnered critical acclaim for her various television and film roles, including two Emmy Awards for her performance in the series “Ozark.”

Garner went above and beyond to prepare for her role as Ruth Langmore on “Ozark.” She revealed that she practiced a Missouri accent to make her audition more like the character.

Following his casting, the accent chameleon completely immersed himself in the Missouri dialect for a month. The Bronx native said she wanted to “look authentic.”

Garner also prepared quite well for her role as Anna Delvey in the “Inventing Anna” series, where she met the notorious con artist at Albion Correctional Center in New York. Garner described Delvey as “sweet”.

Garner, apart from being a Hollywood star, is also a fashion icon, having featured in Prada campaigns. She has many style inspirations, including Audrey Hepburn and Diane Keaton.


Garner is no longer in the dating ship as she is married to Mark Foster, the lead singer of indie-pop band Foster the People, best known for their hit “Pumped Up Kicks.”

Although the couple first met at the Sundance Film Festival in 2013, it took them several years to start dating. Foster found Garner on Instagram, followed the actress, and he started liking all of her photos.

The couple’s shared interests extended beyond film and music. They became close because Garner’s grandmother and Foster’s father lived in the same small town outside of Cleveland.

In April 2019, Foster offered to Garner to read an original poem to him during an RV trip across country near Flathead Lake, Montana, before Garner left to work on the third season of “Ozark. “.


Following the sweet proposal, Garner and Foster debated whether to have a big ceremony or run away to Las Vegas. They finally decided to get married at New York City Hall on December 2, 2019.

Garner had a special connection with New York City Hall. She chose City Hall because it’s also where Garner’s parents were married 40 years ago.

Garner wore pantsuits to court, as she preferred, and a simple, feminine dress to the reception, which was an intimate gathering of the couple’s immediate family.

“It was truly magical,” Garner wrote on Instagram. A day after their wedding, Garner and Foster celebrated their special union with extended family and close friends at Locanda Verde in Tribeca.


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