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Who is Lee Brice married to? Everything we know about Sara Reeveley, the singer’s beautiful wife

Lee Brice rose through the ranks to become a beloved country artist, and while that might be cause for celebration, the true love of his life lay in the woman he once met on a beach.

Originally from South Carolina, country singer Lee Brice turns 43 on June 10, 2022. At some point in his life, he decided to take the plunge and move to Nashville to pursue his musical dreams.

Once there, he drove around in his Ford Ranger looking for any place he could play, with only his guitar, speaker and truck.

Lee Brice kisses his wife Sara Reeveley after serenading her during Lewispalooza on June 5, 2018 in Nashville. | Source: Getty Images

At some point, Doug Johnson, the record producer, discovered this hardworking musician and struck a publishing and artist development deal with him. Brice slowly became better known and is now a successful musical artist.

It continues to wow listeners. In 2021, he won Song of the Year at the Country Music Awards ceremonies for his track “One of Them Girls”.


Brice was 18 when his future wife was walking on the nearby beach. He finally approached this mysterious woman and pulled out his guitar, singing to her as they sat down on the sand.

After remaining friends, the two started dating and got married in April 2013. Over the years, they had three children together. Trulee, Ryker and Takoda, ages approximately 5-14.

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While romance tends to fizzle out in long-term relationships, Brice makes sure he takes the time to pamper and make his wife, Sara Reeveley, feel special. Talking about how he likes to take care of her, the country singer said:

“If she goes to bed, I put lotion on her feet and rub her feet every night. It’s kind of romantic, I would say, because that’s our thing. Of course, all that she wants anytime, that’s our thing, but that’s what she likes.”

This avid husband will also dance with Reeveley, although he admits it’s not his favorite activity. He joked that when she asked, he would take shots of tequila and then join her.


As he does with his wife, Brice always takes time for his children. Regarding their two boys, Ryker Mobley and Takoda, he said:

“I’ve tried to take the boys hunting when I’m home, go out to the farm and enjoy the fall.”

In 2018, Reeveley asked if she and Brice were considering having more kids. She expressed, “We always left that part up to God.”

It seems there’s a lot of love going on in the country music scene — Carrie Underwood and her husband, Mike Fisher, have been married for just over a decade.

The couple faced a lot of adversity but managed to come through it hand in hand. These two stayed together from long distances to miscarriages, thanking their faith for their resilience.


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