Who What Wear podcast: Gabrielle Union talks about her career



Since you’ve worked on so many different shows and movies, what makes you want to commit to working on something at this point in your career?

Usually I ask myself: can i live without? And if that answer is, yes, then it’s probably not the job for me. But if I’m going to obsess over it, I should. It’s kind of my polar star if I have to sign a project.

You have had the privilege of working with and getting to know some of the most incredible black creators in the film industry and beyond. How have you been able to redefine your vision of the community?

There are people with whom I have been in community who have not been in community with me. But when it comes to a symbiotic relationship, that means people are okay with getting uncomfortable. If there is a greater good at stake, it means showing up and standing side by side and being the cavalry when needed. There has to be mutual respect and mutual love on some level, and when it’s there, we’re unstoppable. And whenever I’ve exercised faith and done something hard, I’ve never been alone. Granted, the black entertainment community and the global black community has always been 10 toes to me, and that’s how I’ve come to define community. It is asking: are you living this? Do you breathe that? Will you lose sleep if you don’t stay together? I think for many of us it has taken us a while to get to this point, but now we are coming to this place in droves.


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