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Whoopi Goldberg’s weight gain has drawn criticism amid her health struggles


Whoopi Goldberg’s weight fluctuations have drawn unwanted opinions from strangers over the years. Recently, the actress was mistakenly thought to have worn a big suit in a movie, leading her to explain the reason for her sudden weight gain.

Whoopi Goldberg is a phenomenal woman who has starred in several acclaimed films with versatile roles. In recent years, she has made her break into television as a TV show host on “The View”.

As a public figure, many eyes are on Goldberg, and some notice the slightest changes in his appearance, including fluctuations in weight over the years.

Whoopi Goldberg’s weight gain was once mistaken for a fat suit

After starring in “Till,” a movie watcher noticed Goldberg’s larger-than-usual appearance and claimed she was wearing a big suit in a review. Goldberg took note of the comment and shared her side of the story during an episode of “The View.” She said:

“I don’t care how you felt about the movie, but you should know it wasn’t a big suit. It was me. It was steroids.”

She then called out the critic, saying people’s looks didn’t need to be analyzed. Although the review has since been edited to omit the commentary, the issue has already caused a stir online.

According to Goldberg, her weight gain was due to the steroids she took to address her health issues. The actress has been open about her battle with sciatica, which left her in the hospital and relied on a walker to get around.

It wasn’t the first time Goldberg’s weight had become the center of attention. Previously, Barbara Corcoran made an insensitive joke about Whoopie Goldberg’s weight on national television, noting that she could fit two pairs of jeans out of the Oscar-winning actress’ pants.

In a previous episode, she shut down her co-host’s claims about the effects of weight loss.

Corcoran publicly apologized to Goldberg on Twitter, calling him an old friend. She revealed that the joke was not funny and may have hurt viewers as well.

Whoopi Goldberg once lost weight on purpose after starting to look like a ‘Linebacker’

Goldberg, who recently celebrated her 67th birthday, is aware of the changes in her body as she has been in previous years. The movie star once worked hard to lose 35 pounds after noticing it was time for a change. She said:

“I happened to notice that I [had] started looking like a linebacker. I happened to look, and there was Sherri, skinny, and I was like, ‘What did you do?'”

The ‘Sister Act’ star followed fellow Rocco DiSpirito’s one-pound-a-day diet and quit smoking, which led to her incredible weight loss. However, Goldberg’s weight may fluctuate from time to time due to health reasons.

Whoopi Goldberg once stopped the co-host’s claim about the effects of weight loss

Goldberg was candid about several topics on “The View,” and weight loss is one of them. In a previous episode, she shut down her co-host’s claims about the effects of weight loss.

Sunny Hostin says weight loss can sometimes affect a singer’s voice. However, Goldberg quickly dismissed Hostin’s claim and said other factors may have played a role in a singer’s loss of voice. However, losing your voice is not an effect of weight loss.

Regardless of Whoopie Goldberg’s looks and reviews, her career continues to be successful. In 2021, Goldberg signed a deal that renewed his contract on “The View” for four more seasons. This adds to his long list of screen appearances over the past few years.


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