Why TikTok is banned from House of Representatives phones and devices


TikTok’s term in the House of Representatives is over.

House members and staff learned Dec. 27 that they were required to remove the government-issued app from their mobile devices, according to NBC News. And, from now on, they are no longer allowed to download TikTok on any mobile device given by House.

The ban was issued via email by the general manager Catherine L. Szpindor.

As to why members are required to delete the app? A memo, obtained by NBC News, explained that the Cybersecurity Office has labeled the popular video platform “high risk” for a number of potential security issues.

And TikTok’s removal from House devices aren’t the only phones ordered to remove the app. The Consolidated Appropriations Act 2023 requires agencies under the executive branch to remove TikTok and any other apps developed by ByteDance Limited, a Chinese technology company, from devices.


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