Why Vikings Cousins ​​Don’t Get Enough Consideration For MVPs



Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​quietly ranks near the top of the NFL in several passing categories, yet his name is rarely mentioned in discussions for league MVP.

NFL Network’s Kyle Brandt vehemently disagrees with that notion, passionately making a pretty strong case for Cousins ​​garnering more love in the MVP talks.

“Mid-Season Cousins ​​Sets NFL Record for Fourth-Quarter Comebacks”, Brandt said on a recent episode of “Good Morning Football.” “Cousins’ fourth quarter stats are astronomical. Kirk Cousins ​​has fewer interceptions than Josh Allen and Joe Burrow. … No quarterback in the last 20 years has been hit more than Cousins, but he’s 12-3, his (best) wide receiver is on course to break Megatron’s (receiving) record.

“Justin Jefferson is a great player, as has Davante Adams for the past few years when MVP was handed to Aaron Rodgers like it’s no big deal. … Light up Cousins ​​with fresh eyes on a Sunday and make sure it’s It’s the fourth quarter “When quarterbacks really show who they are, you won’t see a quarterback play better in the entire NFL in the biggest moments. The stats back it up, the eye tests back it up and there’s still no love for him.”


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