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Woman charged with felony after stabbing Chihuahua in horrific attack – NBC Chicago


A 61-year-old woman was arrested Monday after allegedly stabbing a Chihuahua three times in a bizarre attack along Irving Park Road in Chicago’s Dunning neighborhood.

The 12-year-old male Chihuahua, named Bebe, was seriously injured and required immediate surgery at Premier Veterinary Hospital.

His owners, the Macias family, said the attack happened while he was walking outside their home in the 6700 block of West Irving Park Road just after 3:15 p.m. Monday.

According to the dog’s owners, they had never seen the woman before and said she remained silent during the stabbing.

“I was terrified because I thought I was going to lose him,” said the 15-year-old who was walking Bebe at the time. She declined to be identified out of fear for her safety after the assault.

The girl said she immediately noticed a person outside the house and was behaving strangely.

“She was a little picky and acted a little weird, so I was like I had to avoid that person,” she said.

Very soon after, according to the girl, the woman followed her and the dog and stabbed Bebe with a kitchen knife.

“I punched her in the face and she fell to the ground,” the girl said. “She was still trying to stab Bebe so I kicked her and that’s when my neighbor started coming out and screaming.”

The girl said she ran upstairs to her family’s house, with Bebe now seriously injured.

“We had incidents where other dogs were biting other dogs, so I thought that was what happened,” said the girl’s father, Sergio Macias.

Macias said he teaches self-defense and was proud his daughter was able to do something to fight off the abuser. Fortunately, she was not injured in the attack.

Macias said after his daughter brought Bebe inside the house, he ran downstairs to find the woman, whom neighbors chased and grabbed on the street.

“She ran away with the knife and then she hid the knife; she threw it at the [ground]”, Macias said.

Chicago police arrested Jeanette Olivo, 61, at the scene and charged her with one count of aggravated animal cruelty and one misdemeanor count of aggravated assault. Bail was set at $25,000 on Tuesday, according to the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office.

The judge also ordered him not to have any contact with victims or witnesses, nor can Olivo live with or own animals, a spokesperson for the state’s attorney said.

Sergio Macias has said he wants Olivo to stay in jail, saying it would be “justice” for his dog.

“We’re going to court,” Macias said. “We will be there.”

Macias said Bebe should make a full recovery after the surgery and should be allowed to go home in two or three days.

“[My daughter] should be proud that she was able to defend herself and take care of her little dog,” Macias said.

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