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Zach Edey’s mother used to play basketball but couldn’t afford a sports career



Zach Edey’s mother was an experienced basketball player who loved the sport and had the potential for a career in it, but she could not pursue it due to financial constraints as she came from a large working class family. .

Zach Edey is a young and talented 7-foot-4 basketball player born in Toronto on May 14, 2002 to Julia and Glen Edey. He plays center and is in his junior season with the Purdue Boilermakers basketball team while attending Purdue University.

During his last season in high school, he became one of the top five players in Canada. Coming to college, he consistently played at the top of his game and averaged 8.0 points as a rookie, one of only three to achieve such points nationally.

Zach Edey with the Naismith Men’s College Player of the Year trophy during the 2023 Naismith Hall of Fame Brunch on April 2, 2023 in Houston | Source: Getty Images

In 2021, Zach became the only player to average 14 points, seven rebounds, one assist and one block in under 20 minutes per game in the past three decades and one of five players to accomplish that in fewer 25 minutes per game. He was also part of the Canadian team that played in the U19 World Cup.

In the 2022-23 season, he became the third major player, after Kevin Durant and Michael Beasley, to rank in the NCAA’s top 10 in goals and rebounds in the past two decades. He also made history as the first NCAA player with 750 points, 400 rebounds, 70 blocks and 50 assists.

Zach Edey’s Ethnicity: His mother is the daughter of Chinese immigrants

Zach works hard at his game, but his parents were also hard workers long before he was born. His Canadian-born mother, Julia, was the fourth of five children born to Chinese immigrant parents who lived in Toronto.

Her parents owned a Chinese take-out restaurant where she had worked on weekends since she was 12. They believed in their food service and wanted their kids to get good grades.

By the time she went to college, she had studied mechanical engineering in the field of nuclear engineering. She was successful in her career and became a wife and mother of two boys.

Zach Edey’s mother could have had a career in basketball

Julia built a successful engineering career, but she once played basketball and almost made a career in this sport. By the time she was in grade nine, she was already 5-foot-9, and at age 17 was trying out for the Ontario provincial basketball team.

However, since she was not well informed, she did not know that trying out for the national junior team would have been more beneficial because the provincial team had players up to 21 years old and the junior team players had approximately 19 and under.

Although she was good, she began to worry about her future if she made the team. She worried about how she would pay for the plane ticket to Nova Scotia and how her parents would feel if she was unavailable to help in the restaurant for a month. Julia decided to give up her love for sports and follow another career path.

Zach Edey’s mother comforted her son when he felt too big

Basketball was not Zach’s first love, as he grew up playing baseball like his father and hockey like the kids in his community. At age eight, he played competitively in youth hockey leagues as a defenseman because he was too big to be a goaltender.

Due to his stature, being over 6 feet tall at 12 years old, many people mentioned to him that he played basketball, and because of that, he never wanted to play this game and his parents didn’t. never forced him to do it.

Zach’s height also made it difficult for him as a child. Other children made him feel differently about his height in third grade, but his mother, who understood his struggles, was there to comfort him. Julia said to him one day:

“People are always going to find something to complain about you. It could be curly hair. It could be glasses. So if it wasn’t you who was super tall, it would be something else.”

Julia’s words changed the way Zach perceived his size and made him kiss each other. Mother and son have a close bond as they respect each other and he always knows she is there for him.

As he started his freshman year of college, she retired because they had an agreement that she would if he got a D1 scholarship. Other mothers who have played basketball include Nina Westbrook, Monique James, Mary Beth Lycett, and more.



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