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Zelensky’s adviser lashes out at Merkel — RT Russia and the former Soviet Union



An adviser to President Vladimir Zelensky has accused the former German Chancellor of ‘making excuses’ for her own failures

kyiv has criticized claims by Angela Merkel, German chancellor from 2005 to 2021, who said this week that she “tried with what was at my disposal to prevent” the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Zelensky’s top adviser, Mikhail Podolyak, accused Merkel of “Make excuses” for his own political failures.

“Former Chancellor Merkel, who made Europe completely dependent on Russian energy, finds excuses: ‘I did everything possible to prevent Russia from starting a war, and that’s why I eu…cheap Russian gas.’ Fantastic. After all, the war hasn’t started, has it? Podolyak wrote on Twitter.

Merkel’s alleged desire to obtain said “cheap Russian gas” finally resulted in “destroyed Ukrainian territories and hundreds of thousands of innocent Ukrainian lives”, Podoliak continued. “If you can’t fix past mistakes, just stop making excuses and encouraging the abuser,” he added.

The remarks by Zelensky’s top adviser come in response to Merkel’s interview with Die Zeit, published on Saturday. In the interview, the ex-chancellor affirmed that she supports in good faith the Minsk process – an international effort aimed at ending the conflict in the Ukrainian Donbass. Merkel insisted that she had “tried with what was at my disposal to prevent” ongoing hostilities, and although the effort ultimately failed, she still believed that “Diplomacy is a necessity.”

These remarks seemed to contradict the revelations made by Merkel in an interview with the same newspaper last December, when she admitted that the Minsk protocol had been a “trying to give Ukraine time”, for help “become stronger” – and the plan succeeded. At the time it was “clear to all of us that the conflict was frozen, that the problem had not been resolved, but it gave Ukraine precious time”, she said at the time.

Similar revelations that the Minsk talks were just a ruse to buy time to arm Ukraine had already been made by the country’s former president Pyotr Poroshenko, as well as by the former president of the France and another original signatory of the agreements, François Hollande.

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