Zelie as she gives us her take on a plus size sweet girl era



If you’re looking for something easy and fresh for the summer, you have to check out the latest releases from the Californian brand, Zelie for She! If you’re looking for that sweet, plus-size girl’s life, prepare to be enchanted by this dreamy collection, which celebrates the essence of “softness and femininity”

If you’re unfamiliar, Zelie for She is an independent plus-size brand that specializes in creating fashionable, romantic, and dreamy options for plus-size women. Zelie for She is one of the few designers who consistently give us options for the plus-size sweet girl life.

Founded by designer Elann Zelie, the brand has been giving us West Coast California vibes since its inception. With a strong commitment to body positivity and self-love, Zelie for She is a West Coast must-know.

The Soft Girl Era collection is inspired by the popular “sweet girl aesthetic”, which has conquered the fashion world, with various definitions. The Soft girl aesthetic, according to Refinery 29, is all about “Priorizing their well-being.”

Wonderlust Dress in Sage at

OpalbyOpal perfectly describes the Soft Girl Life: “Think soft color palettes like blush pinks, lavenders, lemon yellows, creams, mints, sky blues and other pastel colors. In other words, colors that a hardened New Yorker like I would normally not be surprised to wear. Opal further breaks down the definition with how it relates to it, “But that’s what’s so liberating about the sweet girl aesthetic, it’s about changing your outlook on life and deliberately choosing a mindset of slowing down, letting go of your worries and of your stress, and yes, of choosing to be vulnerable.”

For this collection from Zelie for She, we have their take on the sweet plus size girl aesthetic. The collection features soft pastel hues such as dusty pink, baby blue and lavender, adding to the overall ethereal vibe. Think pastel colors, flowing silhouettes, and an overall dreamy aesthetic that exudes softness.

Whether you’re looking for a flowy maxi dress for a romantic picnic or a cute weekend tee to pair with your favorite jeans, the Soft Girl Era collection from Zelie for She has something for you.

We’ve included our favorite pieces from this collection, which we think you’ll love!

So if you’re ready for a sweet summer for plus size girls and indulging in dreamy fashion, head over to!

For those curious, Zelie for She ships internationally and offers plus size options up to size 3X.

So what do you think of the collection? Is the plus size soft girl aesthetic the one that speaks to you? Could you see yourself in more than a few pieces from this collection?

Where could you see yourself wearing these pieces? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! And if you get the chance, be sure to follow them on IG, @zelieforshe!



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